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My name is Dione DeMitro and I am committed to leaving everything better than I found it.  I know most organizations know what needs to be done to advance their mission. I believe where they struggle is in the operationalizing their plans. Whether it is the culture of the organization, competing priorities, not understanding your customer, or getting caught up in the tyranny of the moment, I can help.

The difference

The model we use encourages you to invite as many internal and external stakeholders into the process. Our framework allows you to collect a lot of information very quickly. ( A strategic planning process doesn't have to be a 6-9 month undertaking with countless meetings.)  We walk you through conversations with your stakeholders that allow you to articulate your vision for the future and assessing your organization as it exists today. We use the vision of where you want to be and the assessment of where you are today to create an easy to follow roadmap. Every member of your team will know what their role is helping to implement the strategic plan. You could truly have a fully developed strategic plan in a matter of a few meetings.

However, it isn't the plan that will advance your mission. It is your ability to operationalize that plan. We work with your team to help you address the roadblocks that can keep you from moving from planning to acting. Our services are tailored to meet you specific needs. We offer a full menu of services so you can customize your planning process to reflect your unique organization, challenges and opportunities. 

We help organizations be better at what they do through:

Strategic planning 

Customer journey mapping

Organizational performance dashboards

Organizational culture inventories

Non-profit board governance training

Facilitated conversations 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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